Friday, May 22, 2009


35 dollars ppd.

14 songs. power electronics. 100 copies. no repress.

70 left.

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"In a sea of power electronic bands lacking any character, Country Club’s “The Pigs Unscathed” does not disappoint. The vocal style could be compared to some Con-Dom vocals, Brethren or perhaps vocals from Institut’s “The Struggle Never Ended.” Musically, The Grey Wolves could be a comparison, but Country Club sounds less muddy. The group has a unique take on sound and arrangement with shorter tracks that make for a diverse listening experience. The focus is less on ear-splitting noisiness and more on creating unique songs that fit the subject. I love the variety of sounds accompanied by the upfront vocals full of emotion and intensity. Many of the tracks have a cloudy atmosphere, bringing to mind the sight of dirt clouds and smoke at Ruby Ridge.

Every U.S. citizen should know about Ruby Ridge. The incident is brought to life by the sounds of Country Club – foreboding synthesizers that seem to foreshadow the coming madness, machine-like rhythms that bring to life the FBI vehicles as they barrel through the forest, ear-piercing feedback reminiscent of the deafening ear-ringing that accompanies screaming and gunfire, the volatile vocal attacks telling the shocking tale and the shotgun-blasting rhythms that take you into the thick of one of the most shameful pages in American history.
If there is one power electronic album to not miss out on this year,

Country Club’s debut is it. Don’t get caught unarmed."

to hear a sample:


BREATHING PROBLEM - mattress on the floor CS + box
WHITE DOG - beer guzzle cs
+ more



joshua said...

get back to me please:

what's the point of ripping off people who want to pick up more of your releases?

Cali said...

Country Club arrived today. Really well done.

Nationstaterecordings said...

Just sent you an e-mail about mattress on the floor. Still waiting. Longer then expected.

Nationstaterecordings said...

still waiting for that mattress on the floor.