Friday, April 1, 2011


Pick up the pieces and move on. Direct mail order will no longer resume. All releases to be distributed by respected third parties and mail order houses.

Breathing Problem - Reactive Attachment Disorder CS

(Full length album showcasing the next phase in the Breathing Problem's chronology. A focus on a hidden narrative, sense memory, experimental and violent therapies coupled with tense and foreboding industrial atmospheres....the secret sibling is institutionalized and locked away for good. First release featuring co-conspirator M.T.) Limited to 100 Pieces.

Breathing Problem - 36623 CS

(Limited Ep featuring material culled from local television news clips, daytime talk show interviews, court room testimonials and other found audio material. In an edition of 33 copies. For the true sickos only.)

Breathing Problem / Wood & Rope - Decay CS

(Split cassette between the newly christened side project of Altars and Breathing Problem. WR brings forth nearly 20 minutes of decayed, blackened and rotten textures. A killer escapes through an abandoned and burned out chemical plant, weaving through filthy pools of mud, poison and trash. The Breathing Problem material is a mix of older feedback laden and battered harsh pieces...pure attack mode. A frenzied mess of industrially treated buried vocals and bizarre loops. Limited to 50 copies in oversized vinyl box)

Altars - Asphyxiation CS

(3 track EP. Originally released in a private edition of 13 copies. BPP brings forth this seldom heard EP in an edition of 100 copies. Black Metal. For fans of Vermyapre Kommando and Htaed No Tabbas Era GoatPenis.)

Negative Nancy CS

(Newcomer M.T. delivers a schizophrenic mess of truly fucked and horribly treated audio experiments and found pieces of sound garbage cut up and rearranged into a horrifying mess of absurdity and strangeness. 50 copies. Your head will feel all sick and shit.)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Akitsa - Au Crépuscule De L'Espérance
Deathkey - Doctrine Of Intolerant Hatred
Drunkdriver - S/T
Frank (Just Frank) - The Brutal Wave
Gun Outfit - Possession Sound
Grinning Death's Head - No Afterlife
Rene Hell - Porcelain Opera
Salvation - Mortality Interactions
Sleetmute/Nightmute - Night Of Long Knives
Sword Heaven - Gone
Total Abuse - Mutt
Ultra - Roman Holiday 2xLP (Reissue)
Virgin Spring - Excelsior


Death Domain - Ethidium Bromide
Furdidurke - Native
Martial Canterel - You Today
Vile Gash - S/T
Yellow Tears - The Cult Of Yellow Tears


Age Of Enlightenment - Cape Town Slayer
Alberich - Of Man, Of Genius
Axeman - Arrive
Bone Awl - Bowing Heads
Curved Blade - Be Like Death
Furdidurke - Untitled
Kallathon - Before Drifting Into The Abyss
K.P. - Nominating Someone
Mania - Insidious And Alone
Nukkehammer - The Future Of Siberia
Raspberry Bulbs - Dust in the Fallen Face
Rene Hell - Baroque Arcade
River Magic Spring Thaw Brings The Fever
Roman Cross / Circle Of Ouroborus - Split
Taut - Fantasy Mapped In Blood
Vatican Shadow - Byzantine Private CIA
Virgin Spring - Absolute Decline
Whorebutcher - Libertine (Reissue)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

OUTER SPACE by Peter Tscherkassky (1999. Austria)

"...Tscherkassky can seem to turn the violent force of disjointed narrative and avant-garde aesthetic into a villain of sorts: we see a young woman enter a small suburban home, surrounded first by an eerie calm... the woman is assaulted by broken images, the rumblings of the film itself (being torn and juxtaposed against itself). She screams in pain, seemingly raped and horrified by the narrative break. She seems to struggle against this chaos, however "the film itself screeches and tears as the sprockets and optical soundtrack violently invade the fictional world." It is irresistible."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Zcerneboh - Autumnights in the Devil's Forest of Witchcraft

Raw polish black metal. Expect tortured vocals, desperate and melodic riffing as well as disgusting production. the best.

Monday, January 18, 2010

ANGST (Directed by Gerald Kargl) (1983. Austria)


A man is released from prison after serving four years for murdering an elderly woman. He quickly begins to feel the compulsion to kill again. After failing to murder a cab driver, he flees and discovers a secluded rural home, where a young woman lives with her sick mother and retarded brother. He then begins to take out his sadistic pleasures on them, attempting to hold them hostage, while thinking of his troubled childhood with his abusive mother and grandmother...

- Summary written by Brian Patrick

" (...) Kargl's genius here is to show everything in real time, with numerous close-ups and diegetic sound. Viewers get to experience none of the pleasure (whether guilty or gleefully acknowledged) that comes from watching stylized, aestheticized killing—replete with slow-motion camerawork, overlapping edits and a meticulously composed mise-en-scene. Instead, writer-cinematographer Zbigniew Rybczynski alternates close-up point-of-view shots of the victim and her attacker and some canted overhead shots besides, constantly altering our relationship to the action."

(...) What makes Angst so interesting, even important—and what those viewers hoping for the Austrian equivalent of Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal are bound to miss—is the fact that the film's numerous "failures" are precisely what constitutes its success. Not only the failures of the killer, whose grand scheme amounts to nothing more than three chaotic and wholly undignified murders. So too the failures of the director, who satisfies none of the genre's conventions, and who eschews the popular tradition of romanticizing the serial killer, of turning him into a sort of neo-Gothic anti-hero.

(...) Even more than Michael Rooker's Henry (modeled on prolific US multiple murderer Henry Lee Lucas)—a character described by at least one commentator as a "Marlon Brando/James Dean angry young rebel, complete with pout, mumbles, short curly hair, square jaw, and white T-shirt" Rudolf Götz's Werner Kniesek-inspired sociopath comes frighteningly close to providing us with a true "portrait" of a serial killer. And if we find that portrait less than appealing, and Angst that much more difficult to take because of it, this only speaks to the film's haunting power and strikingly original construction."

- from "A different kind of killer" by Steven Jay Schneider

"As noted earlier, ANGST’s dramatic structure is reduced to only a very small amount of narration: we are simply shown the killer’s murder spree on his one and only day of freedom. What might cause some empathy with this dangerous character—his own first-person-narration—in fact functions to alienate the viewer even more. This because the voice-overs simply double on the verbal level the monstrous incidents shown to us in all their graphic horror. Through the use of this technique, the film creates a distance between audience and protagonist that never really subsides. The murder sequences may be visually shocking, but they are also deeply reflective. Kargl avoids providing any type of entertainment, conventional thrill, or suspense. In fact Kargl and Rybczynski seem to believe that entertainment through stalk’n’slash splatter films is a sign of cynicism and should be avoided. As a result, they have tried to develop a directing method marked by intellectual distance. Austria is a true middle-class society, and the greatest fear of the middle class is the invasion of the bourgeois home by unpredictable elements, be they of foreign origin—this is where racism comes into play—or be they mentally ill. ANGST’s killer eventually belongs to the same bourgeois background as his choice of victims. This would seem to be the real Austrian nightmare."

Friday, November 27, 2009

favorites of 2009


rusted shut - dead (load)
halflings - self esteem lp (rrr)
endless humiliation - my wife is willing lp (peel back the sky/ ahaziah)
salvation - of unforgiving wind lp (youth attack)
gun outfit - dim light (ppm)
grunt - petturien rooli cd (freak animal)
sky juice - above the law (old english spelling bee)
peste noire - ballade cuntre lo anemi francor cs (de profundis)
arizmenda - within the vacuum of infinity... cs (crepusculo negro )
xeno and oaklander - sentinelle lp (wierd)
dry rot - philistine lp (parts unknown)
cold cave - love comes close lp (heartworm)
werewolf jerusalem - the flies of our tragic dear cd (breathing problem)
slogun - bloody roots cd (trash ritual / circle of shit)
wolf eyes - always wrong lp (hospital)
pedestrian deposit - austere cd (monorail tresspassing)
secret abuse - the immeasurable gift lp (arbor)

ep / split / demo

yellow tears - don't cry 12" (hospital)
prurient + wilt - blood of the lamb 12" (bloodlust!)
ash pool - saturn's slave 7" (hospital)
drunkdriver + mattin - a profound list of insecurities 12" (bad master)
drunkdriver - fire sale 7" (fashionable idiots)
bone awl - night's middle 7" (klaxon / nwn )
cirrhus - demo 08 cs (klaxon)
roman cross - make graves the homes of men cs (yoke of christ)
raspberry bulbs - finally burst cs (self released)
torture chain - mountains of hate cs (razors and medicine)


arthur doyle - alabama feeling (rank and file)
mauthausen orchestra - they never learn lp (trash ritual)
macronympha - pittsburgh, pennsylvania cd (trash ritual)
nyogthaebliz - apocryphal progenitors of mankind's tribulation lp + cd (satanic skinhead propaganda)
volahn - dimensiónes del trance kósmico lp (klaxon)
von - satanic blood angel 2xlp (nwn)
cremation - black death cult lp (nwn)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009