Friday, November 27, 2009

favorites of 2009


rusted shut - dead (load)
halflings - self esteem lp (rrr)
endless humiliation - my wife is willing lp (peel back the sky/ ahaziah)
salvation - of unforgiving wind lp (youth attack)
gun outfit - dim light (ppm)
grunt - petturien rooli cd (freak animal)
sky juice - above the law (old english spelling bee)
peste noire - ballade cuntre lo anemi francor cs (de profundis)
arizmenda - within the vacuum of infinity... cs (crepusculo negro )
xeno and oaklander - sentinelle lp (wierd)
dry rot - philistine lp (parts unknown)
cold cave - love comes close lp (heartworm)
werewolf jerusalem - the flies of our tragic dear cd (breathing problem)
slogun - bloody roots cd (trash ritual / circle of shit)
wolf eyes - always wrong lp (hospital)
pedestrian deposit - austere cd (monorail tresspassing)
secret abuse - the immeasurable gift lp (arbor)

ep / split / demo

yellow tears - don't cry 12" (hospital)
prurient + wilt - blood of the lamb 12" (bloodlust!)
ash pool - saturn's slave 7" (hospital)
drunkdriver + mattin - a profound list of insecurities 12" (bad master)
drunkdriver - fire sale 7" (fashionable idiots)
bone awl - night's middle 7" (klaxon / nwn )
cirrhus - demo 08 cs (klaxon)
roman cross - make graves the homes of men cs (yoke of christ)
raspberry bulbs - finally burst cs (self released)
torture chain - mountains of hate cs (razors and medicine)


arthur doyle - alabama feeling (rank and file)
mauthausen orchestra - they never learn lp (trash ritual)
macronympha - pittsburgh, pennsylvania cd (trash ritual)
nyogthaebliz - apocryphal progenitors of mankind's tribulation lp + cd (satanic skinhead propaganda)
volahn - dimensiónes del trance kósmico lp (klaxon)
von - satanic blood angel 2xlp (nwn)
cremation - black death cult lp (nwn)