Friday, April 1, 2011


Pick up the pieces and move on. Direct mail order will no longer resume. All releases to be distributed by respected third parties and mail order houses.

Breathing Problem - Reactive Attachment Disorder CS

(Full length album showcasing the next phase in the Breathing Problem's chronology. A focus on a hidden narrative, sense memory, experimental and violent therapies coupled with tense and foreboding industrial atmospheres....the secret sibling is institutionalized and locked away for good. First release featuring co-conspirator M.T.) Limited to 100 Pieces.

Breathing Problem - 36623 CS

(Limited Ep featuring material culled from local television news clips, daytime talk show interviews, court room testimonials and other found audio material. In an edition of 33 copies. For the true sickos only.)

Breathing Problem / Wood & Rope - Decay CS

(Split cassette between the newly christened side project of Altars and Breathing Problem. WR brings forth nearly 20 minutes of decayed, blackened and rotten textures. A killer escapes through an abandoned and burned out chemical plant, weaving through filthy pools of mud, poison and trash. The Breathing Problem material is a mix of older feedback laden and battered harsh pieces...pure attack mode. A frenzied mess of industrially treated buried vocals and bizarre loops. Limited to 50 copies in oversized vinyl box)

Altars - Asphyxiation CS

(3 track EP. Originally released in a private edition of 13 copies. BPP brings forth this seldom heard EP in an edition of 100 copies. Black Metal. For fans of Vermyapre Kommando and Htaed No Tabbas Era GoatPenis.)

Negative Nancy CS

(Newcomer M.T. delivers a schizophrenic mess of truly fucked and horribly treated audio experiments and found pieces of sound garbage cut up and rearranged into a horrifying mess of absurdity and strangeness. 50 copies. Your head will feel all sick and shit.)

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