Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TOTAL ABUSE OUTING 02-12-09 - 02-15-09

left from right; ryan foster, dustin pilkington, matt lyons, duncan knappen, rusty kelley (total abuse)

FEBRUARY 12th 2009

fuck you bitch. members of the tour are charlie willhoit, dustin pilkington, ryan foster, matt lyons, rusty kelley and mikaylah bowman. we leave new york and follow the gps at all times. the gps leads us into the worst traffic i have ever experienced in my entire fucking life. i think traveled 2.5 miles in about 3 hours. no joke. i started to go nuts but started to calm down slightly.
we got to new haven connecticut and played a house show in a house that smelled like true body odor. certain beings inside the house were selling diy anarchist gardening faq zines as well as 25 similar booklets. the beings were the ones smelling this house up.

we played and it was supposedly our best. i don't remember.

matt lyons has the largest "thin shirt" collection

- hours later

hour later we drove to middletown connecticut and played in a dark dungeon known as a university campus. we played and i think it existed in time. mark mccoy (failures) kicked a fat crusty girl in the stomach and i laughed hard. he also ripped her orange beanie off the top of her head and threw it and i laughed again.

failures 1

failures 2

later that night we ate some cart food and bought weed from a nice guy. that night we got high and argued about proper mla guidelines and whether or not weed smoke is addictive. people got very up and arms about this second idea. then we listened to specific r&b hits from the 90s and above.

slept and then woke up

FEBRUARY 13th 2009

we drove to boston tx in a hurry. the drive is a blank and almost certainly forgotten and gone. we get there and eat at some spot called "grasspopper". this place is filled with slobbery tofu glop. i drink 2.5 cokes. tofu glop is uneaten. the whether is so cold i want to kill myself. we walk to some stores in the cold and buy packs of nails and a coffee can. we get to the show that exists in another campus dungeon.

matt lyons preforms his circular breathing techniques

failures plays their set and mark crushes a light bulb. i laugh again. you had to be there.

total abuse plays and for the first time the noise is actually loud enough. the audience holds their ears and seems to hate it. thank god. it's working.

nails + can + contact mic

when we play mutt i touch mikaylah in all the wrong ways. i hope someone thinks it's "weird".

big head

i am writing in a jewish law book. don't worry it's just a joke.

we drive to new york that night. get in at 530. ryan foster starts drinking + more when we walk in on the early am party. non stop foster. i am proud, but too tired.


FEBRUARY 14th 2009

new york city show is first at the cakeshop. salvation plays and although i am talking to someone ( i thought salvation had opened) i see the lead singer walk past me covered in blood.
here is some blood shit:

ryan foster holds a bloody salvation set list

glass and blood
Salvation Blood

coke lighting

bar vibes

duncan + patrick

we meet our friends, failures continues after salvation bleeds and then we play a set of songs.

more coke lighting

rusty + jeremy + garret

shaun dean does guest vocals on mutt

later that night after ryan drinks too much we play a show at 548 johnson ave. it is filled with the worst pc bike punk pussy babes ever. terrible idiots. couldn't deal with it. ryan foster is so drunk he can't play guitar and reverts to his drunk state. we get threw a couple songs ( i almost quit every after every song) and then ryan jumps into the crowd and aimlessly throws some punches at the little cry baby dogs. some freak tries to drag ryan out the room (notice the word drag instead of fight (obviously pc pussy babes don't fight)) but mark mccoy sits ryan down and gives him a hug and chills foster the fuck out. thank you mark. he needed some kindness that night.

duncan's hair

the night ends with duncan and matt going to a party that starts at 4 am and then going to sleep at 8 ish. then waking up at 12ish.

FEBRUARY 15th 2009

we wake up feeling sore and sick. everyone has a cold or a flu. mucinex is passed around. advil is passed around. people go eat pizza. we drive to philly and play feeling sore and tired. the vibes are dark and cold. i'm glad. "into it". someone throws eggs at the venue. the club owner seems to know who threw the eggs. the venue is forever shrouded in mystery. cool.

mikaylah sleeps in the van and unknowingly bites her bottom lip apart. she awakes...

we get back to new york and check into a hotel.

sleeping together

the night ends with various cable tv shows and foods

we all leave and fly home at different times the next day. end of trip.

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